Moving Arts is proud to announce the ninth cycle of MADlab, our flagship New Play Development program. We look forward to your application!


The MADlab Team

MADlab 2022 - Now Accepting Applications: MADlab is a unique 9-month program that empowers a playwright to develop a new play from the idea up. *All play concepts submitted should be ideas only, not something that you have already written, are currently writing, or are adapting from a short you have previously written.*

Parameters for 2022:

  • Plays must be set Pre-Pandemic or Post-Pandemic.  We are not looking for Pandemic Plays
  • We love LA Stories!  We are an LA Theater Company, celebrating work by LA Playwrights.  Let Los Angeles be part of the vision for your play, in all her glory.  Whatever that means to you!
  • Though the current situation dictates we do theater virtually right now, we are not looking for “Virtual” plays.  These should be pieces meant for the stage.
  • Due to restrictions created by Covid-19, and our commitment to the safety of our cohort, all meetings, readings, workshops, etc will take place virtually until such time as it is safe to meet in person.  These restrictions may also affect the scheduled dates for each phase, and we reserve the right to make changes to the dates as needed.

The Program is comprised of four phases:

Phase 1 - Begins in February 2022*. Approximately six weeks after the selection process we begin Phase 1, which consists of a small, in-house cold reading of your first draft by professional actors. In attendance will be all of the playwrights in the program plus the MADlab staff and the Respondents.  After each reading there will be a very short, curated talk-back session focused on the play itself.

Phase 2 - Begins in March 2022*. Approximately 5 weeks from your first reading, we will have your second cold reading. This reading will operate the same way as the first reading. In addition, the playwrights will be encouraged to invite one or two peers; and we will also include directors for the program.

Phase 3 - Begins in late May/early June 2022*, approximately 6 weeks after the end of Phase 2. This phase consists of a 15 hour workshop with professional directors and actors who will be paid for their time. All actors and directors are selected by Moving Arts, with input from playwrights. This is an opportunity to do table and staging work to see how a scene that might seem challenging can be realized, or to hear and tweak the text. There is not a performative end to this phase, so the goal of this phase is to explore and strengthen without the pressure of getting the piece audience-ready.

Phase 4 - Begins in September 2022*, approximately 6 weeks after the workshop phase. We, again, collect professional actors and directors - maybe the same from the workshop or maybe not - for a rehearsed, public reading of your play in our FIRST LOOK READING series.

* Dates subject to change based on safety protocols determined by State and Federal regulations

Each selected playwright:

  • Will be given two cold readings of their scripts which will include curated and focused feedback sessions
  • Will have a 15 hour workshop period with professional actors and a director who specializes in new play development
  • Will receive a final, rehearsed, public reading of their play with professional actors and director
  • Is expected to create their MADlab play exclusively through the MADlab program, with no outside readings or workshops during the MADlab timeframe
  • Our expectation is that you will walk out of the process with a great draft of a new play.
  • For more information and to apply to MADlab, please fill out this online application or go to


  • You must be a Los Angeles Area playwright
  • Submit a synopsis of your proposed play
  • Submit a 5-10 page script sample of a stage play you have already written, not this concept
  • Submit your Resume/CV
  • All participants are expected to be present for all participating playwrights' cold readings in Phase 1 and Phase 2 as we build a network of trust and support for the Cohort

Please Submit your form by November 30,  2021 to be considered for the 2022 MADlab program. Accepted playwrights will be notified by Mid-January.

We sincerely hope you will consider joining us for what should be a very exciting year.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Moving Arts | L.A. Born. L.A. Bred. L.A. Built. #MADlab

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.